Sweet Dreams: Welcoming new bedding lines from Avasa and Pine Cone Hill

Hawthorne House is excited to welcome new bedding lines from Avasa and Pine Cone Hill to our showroom!


Founded in 2014, Avasa brands itself as casual luxury and takes pride in creating beautiful textiles with sustainable, natural, and organic materials. 

Avasa's bedding collections uniquely capture the beauty of natural fibers, such as linen and cotton, giving them a simple elegance that transcends ever-changing trends. Many of the minimal, often loosely woven surfaces are elevated with subtle details – such mother of pearl buttons, geometric embroidery, fan-shaped pleats, or linear quilting. These embellishments let you know that the bedding is something special while keeping the touchable, liveable feel. 

The loose, gauzy weave of the the Brayden Mattelasse Collection is delicate and soft feel that toes the line between countryside and modern. 

The Sydney Quilt Collection is made from Habutai silk, a shimmering Japanese style of silk originally used to line kimonos. These delicate quilts, which come in ivory as well as a rich palette of Autumn tones, feature a square quilt pattern and a soft linen backing. 

The Noah Duvet Collection features a smooth linen surface with undulating stripes that create a variable pattern when viewed from a distance. 

The Hazel Collection shines in its use of Mother of Pearl details on natural linen, making its pillows beautiful accents that subtly hint of the beach. 

 Image Courtesy of avasa.com

The Samantha collection is characterized by rows upon rows of hand-gathered bobbles, creating as surface that appears solid but has a soft, pebbled texture. This collection is a perfect way to give the eye a rest amidst pattern without sacrificing tactile intrigue. 

Image Courtesy of avasa.com

The Thomas collection of accent pillows highlights embroidered rows of dyed yarn in various patterns, creating a consistent ombre effect on each piece in the collection. 

The Micah collection, which includes pillows and throw blankets, is a powerhouse of texture. Alternating pleats of velvet and linen create a luxuriously soft, dense surface that begs to be touched. 

With its sprawling fans of delicate, linen pleats, Jocelyn collection is another textural gem.

Image Courtesy of avasa.com

In the Skyler Collection, vertical and horizontal stripes cover pillows of various sizes, giving them a homespun, almost nautical feel. 

Delicate pinch-pleats create the textural geometric surface on the pillows of the Mila collection. 


Image Courtesy of avasa.com

Pine Cone Hill

We love Pine Cone Hill's bedding lines, and these resist-dyed coverlets are no exception. 

The darker block printed pattern, Tile Java, and the lighter, Floral Gray, are both inspired by traditional Indian Kantha Quilts. They both share a modern, international vibe. 


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