Beauty and Efficiency: The Best of Both Worlds in Our New LED Lighting Line

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LED lights get a bad rap. These hyper-efficient bulbs typically radiate light that is harshly bright and sterile, making lighting decisions a tug-of-war between the low-maintenance energy efficiency of LEDs and warm, hospitable ambiance of (admittedly inefficient) traditional bulbs. But struggle no more – we’re excited to announce our new line of gorgeously designed LED light fixtures that are on the front lines of closing this gap between form and function.

This new line comes from TechLighting, a brand that has been an industry leader in contemporary, low-voltage lighting systems for over 25 years. We’re thrilled to add a full line of their fully dimmable LED lighting fixtures to our showroom – we even dedicated a whole room to it!

These fixtures feature versatile designs that comment on classic ideas, such as the glowing orbs of the Oko Bath Bar that allude to iconic Hollywood-style makeup vanities. 

Side view of the Oko Bath Bar with three lamps, also comes in single lamp version The three-lamp Oko Bath Bar in satin bronze

This lighting line truly shines in its ability to marry these traditional concepts with modern and uniquely celestial influences. Chief among these celestial fixtures is the Port Outdoor Wall Sconce, which has the appearance of a total solar eclipse. This is accomplished by fixing a perfect circle of satin bronze in front of the lamp itself, causing soft light to radiate out like a halo – what an intriguing compliment to any outdoor space on a starry night!

Port Round Outdoor Wall SconceThe Port Round Outdoor Wall Sconce in satin bronze

Another fantastic fixture, which gives the feeling of shooting stars raining down from a night sky, is the Aeon Flush Mount. The Aeon has linear LED modules along six adjustable arms for an interesting and dynamic touch to any gathering space.

Aeon Flush Mount from belowThe Aeon Flush Mount in matte black from below 

All of these lights feature acrylic diffusers which ensure that the LEDs are softened for efficient but pleasant illumination with reduced glare on surfaces below.

Acrylic diffuser on Balto Linear SuspensionDetail of the acrylic diffuser on the Balto Linear Suspension

The LED modules themselves were carefully designed to emanate an attractive glow – our TechLighting showroom, which is entirely illuminated by these fixtures, has a bright feeling of clarity without ever verging on that harsh, artificial light temperature that gets LEDs a bad wrap. All of these fixtures are fully dimmable, making it easy to fine-tune the ambiance or light-level depending on the time of day or occasion.

One light that highlights the deeply embedded versatility of this line is the compact Mortar Wall Sconce, which can be mounted in four different directions. This feature allows for highly directed light as well as the ability to create one of a kind, eye catching lighting systems by arranging multiple Mortar Sconces together.

Side view of the Mortar Wall Sconce in satin bronze finishDetail of the Mortar Wall Sconce in satin bronze

This line from TechLighting is an exciting reason to reconsider preconceived notions about LED lighting as it brings the ultra-efficient, low-maintenance benefits of LEDs together with striking, versatile design and carefully crafted products. We hope to see you in our showroom, where you can see the full line! 

 More Images From Our Tech Lighting Showroom

Outdoor Wall Sconce This outdoor sconce is a sleek, modern take on traditional Fisherman-style lamps

Petra Bath BarThe modern and subtly glamorous Petra Bath Bar in polished nickel

Oko Single in Satin NickelThe single lamp Oko Sconce in satin nickel


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