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 Spotlight on LEE

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It came as no surprise that one of our perennial favorites, Lee Industries, had some wonderful new and classic favorites represented at the Spring 2019 High Point Market.  While we have had a longstanding love affair with Lee for several reasons, we wanted to share some of the reasons why we continue to adore them, and highlight some of our favorite pieces that we saw at Market.

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Construction and Community

While seemingly unrelated, one of the things that makes Lee Industries such a strong company is its commitment to the community in which it is based.  They employ local people - from craftsmen to administrators - and understand that the quality of their product is inherently linked to said community.  For, without a great quality product, there would be no continued industry which would have a direct impact.  Because their goods are manufactured in North Carolina, the revenue they generate stays local while shipping remains more eco-friendly than items coming from abroad.  They are, rightfully, proud of how their employees craft each item and, at market, usually have a display that demonstrates just what goes into making their pieces (photo below).  Each person they employ to create their furniture is a true craftsman and it shows in the consistent quality their pieces have.

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Design and Accessibility

From a design professional's perspective, it is always important to be able to offer clients the latest range of new looks, as well as to have a classic inventory to pull from that will meet the needs of any space.  With Lee's extensive options available on all of their pieces, there is truly something that will work for everyone. 

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In summary...excellent, high quality construction; a sense of commitment to their community and on-trend and classic designs a all add up to a company that we truly cannot get enough of and we hope that you will discover, and enjoy them, as much as we do.


We encourage you to learn more by visiting their website at 




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