Lee Industries - Upholstery Primer

Construction is Key 

While some companies may claim that their springs are 8-way hand-tied, those are mostly cheaper imitations made to look like the real thing, and will not provide the comfort or durability that a true 8-way hand-tied spring will.  Lee's springs are made from 80% recycled components and are truly tied, by hand, by North Carolina craftsmen.

Lee makes all of its frames from select hardwoods from certified sustainable forests (and its back cushions and throw pillows are 100% recycled fiber) and joints are either double-doweled and blocked on every corner, or are mortise and tenon construction, for longevity, strength and stability.



Quality Materials - Quality Workmanship

Lee has been constructing top quality pieces since 1969 and employs over 670 people in four facilities, all in North Carolina.  All of their pieces pass through the hands of highly skilled craftsman who ensure quality standards are met or exceeded at every turn.


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