Ostentatious & Luscious: A Sneak Peak at Our Newest Samples from Osborne & Little

After a visit with our Osborne & Little representative this week, we're excited to announce a bounty of new wallpaper and fabric samples coming to Hawthorne House soon! 

Nina Campbell

We're excited to be welcoming patterns from world-renowned designer Nina Campbell's newest collections! 

We love this elaborate floral print – with a light coloring of grays, mustard, and turquoise, it's subtle enough to act as a neutral without lacking contrast and intrigue. 

The collection, aptly entitled Les Indiennes, offers a robust variety prints which coordinate exceptionally well and are each provided in over five colorways. 

Dazzling trims at excellent price-points also feature prominently in this collection, such as this textural tape which comes in a variety of colors, designed to perfectly coordinate with the collection's fabrics.  

This shot of an elaborate trim tape (available in multiple colors), only begins to convey the level of textural variation and detail contained in this accent piece, making it the a perfect way to dress up the edge of a curtain, bedskirt, or any other textile. 

While looking through Nina Campbell's sample books, we couldn't help but fall in love the way the stylists effortlessly conveyed the spirit of her collection. This vignette shows a colorway of the first fabric shown in this post. 

Campbell snuck this unexpectedly wild wallpaper into this otherwise subtle collection. With its abstract, linear forms in metallic gold, this modern wallpaper has the energy of animal print without venturing near the cliché. 

This cream and gold wallpaper offers a tamer take on the spirit of animal print.  

Matthew Williamson 

Williamson launched his career as a fashion designer in the late 90s and has since gained international acclaim for his vibrant, energetic, and carefully crafted designs. His style beautifully translates into couture interiors, and we're excited to announce that we'll be receiving an impressive variety of samples from his new collections for Osborne & Little.

When looking at Williamson's collection, we were immediately greeted with this rambunctious, tropical textile – it was clear that this sample book would be a page-turner. 

This jungle-like botanical print comes in a variety of colorways, both as a textile and a wallpaper. The version below provides a more soothing color palette while retaining the same intriguing pattern. 

Williamson's collection also showcases some of the most exquisite and intricately detailed embroidery we've seen in a while – such as this rich, jewel-like dragonfly. In this fabric, embroidered dragonflies in multiple coordinating colors grace the surface of a denim-colored weave.  

Another of our favorites, this print showcases a botanical pineapple, making a cheerful and unique addition to any playful space or outdoor room. 

In keeping with the lush spirit of the collection, this bountiful print (available as textile and wallpaper) depicts a kaleidoscope of tropical birds, fruits, and flowers. 

The sheer beauty of Williamson's collection is worthy of acclaim, but its powerful vibrancy can lead to a design challenge – how to integrate these patterns into a space? Foreseeing this challenge, Williamson has provided a collection of subtle solids and wovens in colors that perfectly coordinate with the more wild members of this collection. 

We're certainly excited about these new additions to our showroom – coming soon!  

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